Fences vs. Plants: Which is a Better Border?

Fences vs. Plants: Which is a Better Border?

Fences or plants? Here are the pros and cons of each as a property border.

In the regular suburban setting, plants and fences may often be somewhat at odds. Fencing enhances the architecture of a property while adding protection, privacy, and more. Plants create a more natural environment for the benefit of animals and humans alike. At the same time, plants can also make for secure property borders. Do either fences or plants make a better border? Let’s find out.

Fences: Pros and Cons

A fence has traditionally been a homeowner’s first choice in marking the boundary line. In central Maryland, wooden, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and even steel are popular and effective choices. Fencing can come in various designs to serve different functions also. If you have a backyard swimming pool and want privacy, a privacy fence will do best. If you want to distinguish your property line and keep your kids inside, a picket or split rail fence may do just fine. Most fencing these days also require little maintenance, wood fencing needing at most an annual checkup. 

Plants: Pros and Cons

Plants, specifically hedges, shrubs, or trees, can also make worthy investments for a border. Perhaps you want a more natural look? Plants are your most eco-friendly option. Rooted deep in the ground, they will not likely get blown over by high winds or need replacement boards like wooden fences might. Plants create homes for critters and can even muffle sound that enters and escapes your yard. Plants also cost less than a fence. On the downside, they take time to grow into their desired shape and size, require trimming, and can infringe on your property.

Fences and Plants

Plants prove themselves detrimental to fences, particularly wood ones, when they start to overshadow or grow over your fence. However, it is possible for fences and plants to join forces in keeping your yard secure, not to mention beautiful. Creativity can take fencing of any material and incorporate hedges or evergreens into the design. Most commonly, one can line the fence with trees or boxwoods along the inside or outside. Whatever configuration you choose, the result will be spectacular.

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