Fire Pit on a Wood Deck: The Essential Safety Tips

mid-atlantic deck & fence fire pit on a wood deck

Remember these tips before using your fire pit on a wood deck.

Getting cozy by a fire pit on a wood deck can be such an enjoyable experience, but anyone who has tried also knows it can create both stress and danger. This is especially true if you aren’t sure what to expect, so it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind whenever you put a fire pit on a wood deck. 

Is it safe? How do you prevent damage? We have all the answers on how a fire pit on your deck can be safely used and what you should be doing to enjoy your fire pit all year long.

Get the Right Location

Make sure your fire pit is set up far away from anything flammable. This includes furniture, overhangs, and even your home. Keep your fire pit at least 10 feet away from your home and anything else that may be flammable on your deck. Using your fire pit on a wood deck during windy conditions makes this risk even greater, so keep things even further or avoid lighting a fire altogether. 

Use Protective Surfaces

Look for a fire pit pad, which helps protect your wood deck from the gas, embers, and ash that your fire pit puts out. They’re available in a number of different materials, including stone and metal, but either way, they’re designed to protect your deck. Additionally, your fire pit should have come with a stand, so you’ll want to use that as well to create some distance between your fire pit and your deck. Avoid ever putting your fire pit directly on your wood deck, which will almost certainly lead to serious damage.

Install a Spark Screen

Another way to implement safety is to use a fire pit spark screen, which will help stop flying sparks from catching fire to something else on your deck. Keep a poker nearby so you can control the logs quickly, and then put your spark screen right back on. Avoid keeping your flame open whenever possible, as it opens up the possibility of sparks traveling and catching your deck on fire.

Add More Layers

Add a few inches of sand at the bottom of your fire pit before you light it. This way, you get an additional layer of protection. It’ll also help prolong the lifespan of your fire pit pad, so it’s a simple and effective way to make your fire pit safer.

Wait for Weather

If you’re going to use your fire pit on a wood deck, wait until you have the ideal weather conditions. That means no wind, no rain, no snow, and no problems. The more wind you’re dealing with, the more likely it is that the fire will spread to unwanted places.

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