Outdoor Living Christmas Gift Ideas

Outdoor Living Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for a big ticket Christmas gift? Try outdoor living!

Christmas gifts can be large or small and come well before or after the holiday. One type of Christmas gift you can give your loved one is the gift of outdoor living. If you know someone who loves to spend time on the patio or deck, have a family member who loves outdoor living, or want to gift the whole family, there are several outdoor living Christmas gift ideas you can check out.

An Outdoor Living Feature


If you are looking to give a big ticket gift this year, a pergola could be up your alley. Pergolas come in all kinds of designs; they can stand alone, fit a corner, create an arbor, or attach to the house. No matter the configuration, a vinyl pergola creates an outdoor living zone with filtered sunlight.


A gazebo provides a solid roof and seating underneath it. Gazebos typically have built-in seating. You can choose between different gazebo styles to find one that suits your property best. It will make a romantic and practical outdoor living Christmas gift.


A pagoda is like a pergola except that it has a solid roof that is usually pyramidal in shape. A pagoda gives you flexibility regarding what kind of furniture you have underneath it. You could mix it up with a dining set, a lounge set, or open floor space. 

Screened Porch

In Maryland, people enjoy the benefits of a screened porch. It can be more pleasant than sitting on a patio or deck under direct sunlight. Some might build a screened porch on part of their deck or patio, while others might enclose the whole area. Nevertheless, this feature allows the family to enjoy fresh air and sunlight in a bonus room.

Outdoor Living Additions

Built-Ins for Decks

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can add many fun and functional features to your backyard deck. One category is built-ins; you could install built-in seating, plant boxes, pergolas, trellises, and even fire pits. 

Hot Tub on Deck

A hot tub is an outdoor living Christmas gift idea that many would love. A hot tub has multiple health benefits, not to mention comfort and entertainment. Mid-Atlantic can skillfully build the hot tub onto your deck so the structure can support the weight and fit the traffic flow.

Tech for the Deck

You can also find a lot of other built-ins and additions for decks. Outdoor lighting, surround sound, heating, and furnishings are great examples. Your big or small ticket item can give your loved one a fuller outdoor living experience. 

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