How to compliment your home with a landscape fence

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Are you searching for a residential fence that will leave your backyard looking absolutely stunning? Then it’s time to make an investment towards a landscape fence from Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence.

What is a landscape fence?

A landscape fence is a distinctive, stylish, handcrafted fence. It can be used as a residential fence or commercial fence.

You can have a landscape fence that increases your overall landscape visibility or adds an element of privacy to your property.

If you are a property owner searching for better privacy, you can always count on a wood fence to create a secluded area that’s comfortable.

Here are privacy fences you may want to consider for landscaping:

  • A tall privacy fence. This fence can increase your ability to add decorative elements to your backyard or front yard. A beautiful decorative element you may want to add to your backyard décor is a decorative lattice sculpture piece.
  • Have a fence made of wrought iron railings. This fence design is a perfect way to open up your privacy while still providing your property subtle screening. In fact, this type of fence can serve as a perfect garden entrance way. Add a couple of branching trees and you will be good to go. You may also want to top this fence with vines such as the Boston ivy to add an extra element of privacy. Or try growing climbing roses.
  • For a traditional landscape fence, go for the standard wood fence. Wood fencing makes for an excellent privacy fence that you can really get creative with. You can dress any wood fence up with garden ornaments, birdhouse planters, and even paintings. You may even want to install a raised garden beside your fence to truly dress up your landscape. You may even want to add little garden nooks at the corners of your fence to add a soft edge to your landscape fence.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence has been making quality landscape fences for over 25 years. Our fence designs are unique and personal. We dedicate our time and effort to meeting your needs and budget. Let us build you a fence that truly compliments your home.

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