Weed Control: Can a home fence help contain and remove weed problems?

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Do you have a backyard or front yard weed problem? You can get the weed problem under control by making home improvements. Yes, home improvements.

For the average American household, weed problems have doubled in the last year.

Weed growth has been flourishing because we experienced a wet growth season, followed by a mild winter and then a dry summer.

Here at Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence we understand how heavy rainfalls can prevent homeowners from keeping up on yard maintenance, particularly pulling weeds.

With a quality home fence, you can better contain your weed growth and make weed removal easier.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence has the following weed control tips to help you get started:

  • Smother the weed with plastic or paper. Cover the plastic or paper with mulch to help kill the weeds.
  • Apply herbicide to the weed. Do not apply the herbicide to any garden plants.
  • Have your topsoil tilled. This is especially important to complete during the late winter and early spring because weeds are dormant at those time.

With a well-designed custom fence from Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence, you can truly contain weeds to a small space and remove the weeds as they develop.

It is important to control weed problems near fencing to reduce the number of weed seeds and roots that grow throughout your home landscape.

Manual control is the most effective weed control. If you use a fence to contain your weed problems, you can quickly identify the locations of your weed problems and remove them with the appropriate chemicals.

If you have perennial weeds in your yard, you should know that cutting top growth would not resolve the weed problem. Perennial weeds have deep root systems and need to be addressed directly at the roots.

As fall approaches, scan your yard for woody weeds to start on your weed kill. Woody weeds can be removed with frequent lawn cutting/ maintenance.

Take a look at the Maryland fencing options we have available for you.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence has been making quality landscape fences for over 25 years. Our fence designs are unique and personal. We dedicate our time and effort to meeting your needs and budget. Let us build you a fence that truly compliments your home.

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