How to reduce wedding venue cost: The Benefits of Home Weddings

Home Wedding Planning

Are you planning your wedding or helping a friend plan out his or her wedding? Then it’s time to brainstorm how you will cut down costs without sacrificing the features that make weddings lovely and unforgettable occasions.

One great way you can cut down the cost of a wedding is to have the wedding at your home or family members home rather than a commercial wedding venue.

Wedding planning is a $54 billion dollar industry. You don’t need to schedule your wedding at a high dollar venue. You just need to come up with a wedding plan that incorporates your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the importance of marriage. How will you demonstrate the growth and opportunities that you envision for your union to family and friends?

Selecting the venue is one of the largest wedding expenses you’ll experience during the wedding planning.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence is here to design a picture perfect wedding environment right at your home.

Your wedding venue is the most important part of the wedding plan but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive aspect.

How much is the average reception venue cost? The answer is $12,905.

With Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence you can create your stunning wedding scenery with deck, garden and all for the same price or less than you would spend for a few hours at a venue.

By having custom home features created for your home, you can reap the benefits of such a big investment for years and years to come.

Here are custom designs Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence can offer you for your big wedding planning:

More than 48% of newly weds are tying the knot at home and 23% tie the knot at a family member’s home.

Whatever you envision for your home structure, we can create. We can even offer you care and maintenance service for your fencing and decking.

Here are just a few more tips on making a wedding affordable as well as wonderful:

  • Layout a budget. Yes, that means making a budget limit as well as setting a wedding date as soon as possible. One of the biggest mistakes of wedding planning is spending more than needed. Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence will consult you on how to use your custom home structures best for the big day, including decorative consulting.
  • Decide on how many guests you will invite to your wedding. This will hope you estimate how much it will cost to feed your wedding guests.
  • Talk with a wedding planner. You just might snag a discount or deal you never would find out on your own.

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