Screened Porch or Deck?

Screened Porch or Deck?

For outdoor living, screened porches and decks are both great options. Which is right for you?

A screened porch or a deck: that is the question. When it comes to installing an outdoor living space, the options are seemingly infinite. In Maryland, the weather is warming, and soon everyone will be outside enjoying the returning spring. As far as outdoor living areas go, screened porches and decks are some of the most popular.

Screened-In Porch

A screened-in porch is virtually an additional room attached to the house. It can be made of different materials, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and other metals. It requires a well-thought-through design, considering the flow between the roof of the house and the addition, its attachment to the home, and its structural integrity. One might find it attached to the kitchen or living room.

Something homeowners must realize is that a screened-in porch is the most expensive compared to decks or patios, doubling the price of a deck. A screened porch is like a deck, plus walls and a roof, after all. Despite the high cost, one does get the amenities of fresh air, a roof overhead, and screens to keep out nasty mosquitos. In this enclosure, you can also add anything from a ceiling fan to surround sound.


Decks come in various shapes and sizes, allowing families to enjoy high-up views or stay close to the landscape. Wood decks remain a beautiful and popular choice, but vinyl and composite ones are proliferating as easy-maintenance options. Depending on your landscape, you can make a sloping backyard more accessible or have a dry place to stand in the middle of the yard. 

As mentioned, decks are, on average, half the price of a screened porch. Nevertheless, they are not inexpensive. The cost does vary depending on the material and size of your deck, but on average, Marylanders pay about $15,000. Even so, a well-maintained deck can last decades and provide the outdoor living space you need. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence provides many options when it comes to deck design and deck additions.

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