Enjoy Your Summer Under a Pagoda!

Enjoy Your Summer Under a Pagoda!

Enjoy the outdoors under a beautiful pagoda!

If you live in Maryland, you might be more familiar with pergolas and gazebos. However, here at Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, MD, you can find a beautiful pagoda as well! A pagoda is a beautiful outdoor structure that combines the best of pergolas and gazebos in one. Could you be enjoying your summer under a pagoda this year? 

What Is a Pagoda?

A pagoda is like a pavilion; it is a solid structure typically on four pillars supporting a solid roof. The roof is usually pyramidal in shape and may have a cupola on top for ventilation. The pagoda may be constructed from wood, vinyl, or composite and typically has an asphalt shingle roof. It is ultimately a freestanding structure that may sit on a patio or deck.

Potential Pagoda Features

A pagoda can have many different features to make it unique and comfortable for you. As mentioned, it could have a cupola to provide natural ventilation through the top of the roof. Heat will rise and have a way to escape through the vaulted ceiling. Another option is to install an outdoor ceiling fan at the top of the ceiling for good airflow whenever you need it.

Pagodas are for people to enjoy the outdoors in shade and shelter. No matter whether it is raining or shining, you can have an outdoor shelter that is open on all sides for access to the area. You can furnish the pagoda’s interior in multiple ways, including a hanging bench swing or an outdoor furniture set. Add some colorful cushions, and you have an inviting setting for relaxation and entertainment.

Screened In Pagoda

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence also offers the installation of screened-in pagodas, which act as a freestanding screened-in porch. If you are tired of running away from bugs, bees, and mosquitoes whenever you try to enjoy the outdoors, a screened-in pagoda puts a stop to the chase. A screened-in pagoda keeps the view and fresh air open to you, but you can enjoy them from a bug-free perspective.

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