New Paddock Fence Installation: Deal, Maryland

New Paddock Fence Installation: Deal, Maryland

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence’s most recent project is a stunning white, vinyl paddock fence.

Maryland is a state of many settings; called a mini-America, it has the city, the suburbs, and the rural farmlands. No matter where one lives in Maryland, there is always something unique to appreciate about each place. Every property needs proper care and protection, which often means one needs a fence. Recently, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has graced a residential property in Deal, Maryland, with a new paddock fence installation.

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is a fence, deck, and outdoor structure company located in Gambrills, Maryland. Since 1986, they have been serving thousands of Maryland residents. Today, they are a leading Maryland deck & fence company with decades of experience in the field and an extensive indoor/outdoor showroom with a custom vinyl fabrication shop inside. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence’s goal is to provide you with the highest-quality fencing at an affordable price.  

The Benefits of a Paddock Fence

When considering the benefits of a fence in general, one must consider what it would be like to not have a fence at all. First, it might be a lot more difficult to distinguish property lines. Nothing would stop trespassers from crossing over into your private property. Lastly, your kids and pets would be more exposed and have a higher chance of going out of bounds.

A beautiful, properly installed fence solves all these problems and even improves your home value and curb appeal. In particular, a paddock fence is beautiful and fitting for most any property, especially for those looking to have a more rural appearance. Originally used on horse farms, this elegant design features three to five rows of horizontal boards with diagonal accents on the gates. Paddock fencing is sturdy, attractive, and effectively creates boundaries.

New Paddock Fence Installation in Deal, MD

One property in Deal, Maryland, has recently received a brand new paddock fence installation with the help of Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence. After contacting Mid-Atlantic, the owners got an estimate from Mike Shenck covering their fencing needs, design options, etc. After deciding on a stunning, low-maintenance 5-rail, white, vinyl paddock-style fence, the Mid-Atlantic crew came and installed the border under Nelson’s leadership. The slideshow below features the beautiful results:

  • New Paddock Fence Installation: Deal, Maryland

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