Gazebo or Pergola? Which One’s for You?

Gazebo or Pergola? Which One's for You?

A beautiful gazebo or pergola could be in your backyard this year. Which one’s right for you?

It’s that time of year again: spring! Very soon, summer will follow, which means people are ready to get outdoors and enjoy the sun again. Not too much sun, though. While it may seem ideal to spend one’s days outside on the patio or deck, having the bright sun beating down on your head isn’t so pleasant. Shade structures are there to give you that happy balance of outdoor weather and optimum comfort. The question is, should you get a gazebo or pergola?


A gazebo is an octagonal or hexagonal outdoor structure with a conical, pitched roof. It is open around all sides, but usually has railing and built-in interior seating around the perimeter, with an opening. Because it is a strictly independent structure, it never attaches to the house but can sit at one end of a patio or deck. Some may place it on a scenic spot in the garden. 

Because gazebos have entirely-covered roofs, they are perfect for if you want total shade over your head and total protection from inclement weather and insects. Rain or shine, you wouldn’t mind reading, working, or dining in this outdoor space. Gazebos are also ideal if you want a space that offers more privacy or if you want to make the most of a beautiful view.


The pergola, like the gazebo, has been around for centuries, even since Roman times. It typically consists of four columns and a slatted roof, and can sit on a patio or deck. Sometimes, it only has two columns, with the other end attached to the house. A pergola could be wood or vinyl, but because vinyl performs better and lasts so much longer, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence only carries vinyl pergolas. 

All in all, a pergola is ideal if you want to provide some shade to your deck or patio against the afternoon sun, but don’t mind going inside when it rains. A pergola can also stand far apart from the house, provided you have a solid foundation on which to build it, like a freestanding patio. 

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence

Have you decided whether a gazebo or pergola is better for your backyard? If not, it’s no problem. You can visit Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence’s extensive indoor and outdoor showroom in Gambrills, Maryland, to learn more about what might work best. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can offer you a pergola kit or fabricate and install a gazebo or pergola for you. If you see one you like in a magazine, they can build it.

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