Fall Fence Decorating Ideas

Fall Fence Decorating Ideas

Decorate your fence this fall with one or more of these creative ideas.

With fall well underway, everyone has been decorating their front yards with fanciful fall regalia. Properties with prominent fences along sidewalks and streets can also get in on the action. Moreover, anyone with a fenced-in yard can enjoy the season and beautify the backyard. Below are several fall fence decorating ideas that might appeal to you.

Wreaths or Garlands

Wreaths and garlands bear the season’s flowers and fruits in a pleasing arrangement. One can either purchase or make them and hang them on the fence posts and around the railings if applicable. Wreaths and garlands are lightweight, simple, and classic.


Lights are attractive on any fence in any season. They make any backyard into an inviting place for entertainment or relaxation and come in plenty of designs. One can also install fence post cap lights for a more built-in look.


Hanging or attached planters are another popular fall fence decoration. If it can hold dirt, it can hold plants. People can use anything from clay pots to old rainboots to wood planter boxes for their flowers. Attaching these planters to the fence is one way to save space in the yard while adding color.


Birdhouses are another option for your fall fence, although it will surely prove useful in spring as well. Both practical and pretty, birdhouses on the fence can mix in with other fall fence decorations.

Wall Sculptures

Wall sculptures is a broad term for any man-made item that can attach to a fence. Your interpretation can be as simple or as creative as you want; some use wrought-iron wall sculptures, decorative mirrors, and old windows. You can even make it look like there’s a secret garden on the other side.

Holiday Themed Decor

Autumn is the time for two prominent American holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Myriads of Halloween fence decorations exist out there, including spider webs, themed fence post caps, and much more. Thanksgiving decorations would be synonymous with the above fall fence decoration ideas.

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