Christmas Decorations for Decks

Christmas Decorations for Decks

Make your deck festive this year with these decoration ideas!

Christmas decorations are one of the best parts of the season. Pulling them out and putting them up is like letting your home dress up for a fancy party. Most people focus most if not all of their attention on the front of the home, but other areas could use some Christmas love too. The deck is one such area. This space devoted to outdoor living can still be used in the winter months somewhat and deserves the chance to be just as festive as the front yard. Here are some tips!

For The Uncovered Deck

In this area, an uncovered deck may not be getting a lot of use his time of year, but that could change. If you have an outdoor heater or a fire pit to warm things up, there will likely be a few more temperate evenings that you could spend out there. Add Christmas decorations that can stay out in the weather, such as holly or pine, either as cuttings or in planters. If you have a woodpile, you can decorate it with seasonal clippings as well. Next, designate some seasonal indoor/outdoor cushions for the chairs and either leave them out or store them by the door so they’re ready when you want to go outside. Finally, keep a selection of cheap seasonal throws handy to bring outside when you head out and use them to bundle up.

For The Covered Deck

Covered decks give you a bit more freedom to leave stuff out. You can safely leave out more furniture, including cushions and throws. Opt for seasonal versions or coverings for these pieces. You can also use the roof over the deck to string lights and garland and the support poles as a place to hang seasonal signs. Since the porch is covered, you’re safe to leave out more decorative trinkets as well, including small trees with lights and decoration, figures and signs on any tables, and vases with seasonal cuttings. If you have the room, a seasonal Christmas village creates a great centerpiece for the gathering space on the deck. Finally, if your covered deck has an outdoor fireplace, decorate the space in front of it with seasonal candles and greenery. You could even hang an extra stocking or two from it for good measure.

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