Deck Lighting Design Tips

Deck Lighting Design Tips

Illuminate your deck tastefully with these design tips!

In this fall season, one can enjoy one of the most comfortable temperatures in Maryland. Instead of going out to enjoy the weather, though, the backyard deck is waiting to become your entertainment and relaxation place. Of course, the evening comes sooner in the fall, which is one reason why deck lighting is so crucial. Below are several deck lighting design tips you might use for your backyard haven.

Post Lights

Post lights are the go-to deck lighting solution for many. Post cap lights are easy to install and outline the deck at night. If you think they are too bold for your taste, you can also opt for recessed lighting installed in the posts. 

Stair Lights

Stair lights add safety and style to your deck. If you frequently use these stairs or expect high traffic from guests, lighting here can help prevent an accident. There are two primary forms of stair lighting: riser lights, which illuminate each step from the vertical part of the steps, and step lights that illuminate from the side.


If you have a mature tree extending over your deck, you have a prime opportunity to add a moonlight effect onto the scene. This is a form of landscape lighting that casts a soft flow onto a walkway or platform like the moon might.


Plastic LED light tubes are easy to purchase, but they are not the most attractive on their own. You can get the most out of them by underlighting the deck railing and steps for a stylish glow. You can also choose different colored ones, or ones that change color.

Pergola Lights

Every deck needs some form of shade for optimum enjoyment, which is why adding a pergola is a fantastic idea. If you use the pergola as a dining or living space, adding lights here will keep the room bright long into the evening. Post lights and string lights are popular.


Once you have the fundamental deck lighting fixtures in place, it’s time to accessorize. As a centerpiece, you would add a fire pit for all to gather round. Solar lamps are easy, portable solutions; you can also get accessories like lighting timers, dimmers, and more. 

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