How to Fix a Leaning Fence Post

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Leaning fence? Keep it upright with the right method.

A leaning fence post can be not just annoying to look at if you have OCD but a possible threat to your yard’s safety and fence’s fate. If the fence post ultimately falls over, it can take down the rest of the fence. There is more than one way to fix a leaning fence post, though, so we will discuss general steps to take to help you get your fence completely upright again.

Evaluate the Cause of the Leaning Fence Post

A fence post is the main structural support for a fence. Its base is encased in concrete, and it holds up the fence panels on either side of it. A leaning fence post could have become this way due to one of these reasons:

  • The fence post disconnected from the base
  • Someone or something knocked into the fence post
  • The fence post is rotting
  • A tree root grew under the fence post
  • The soil shifted
  • The fence was installed incorrectly
  • The fence is of poor quality
  • The fence is old

You can boil the many possibilities down to three main issues:

  1. The fence is deteriorating
  2. The soil has shifted
  3. The fence base is cracked or broken

Find the Most Fitting Solution

  1. If the fence post is rotting, warping, etc., you will need to replace the post, granted that the rest of the fence is still in good condition. In this case, install supporting beams to hold up the fence panels while you replace the post. Remove and replace the post and its concrete base.
  2. If the soil has shifted and the post and base are in otherwise good condition, you can realign the fence without replacing anything. You can straighten it by digging around the base, pushing it upright, and refilling and regrading the soil. Alternatively, you can straighten it gradually with ropes. The soil will settle itself. Metal brackets can help keep fence posts in place but aren’t necessary if the posts are already attached to the concrete.
  3. If the fence base and post are broken, you will need to replace them both and remove anything that has caused it to break, like a tree root.

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