Where should you build a gazebo and how do you use it?

Home Gazebos

Do you want a gazebo designed for your home? You’re not alone. Many homeowners enjoy using their gazebos during the fall season.

If you want to become a new gazebo owner this fall, Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence can design a custom gazebo to complement your home style.

Gazebos can be used in so many ways; the structures come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Here are common ways people use gazebos at home:

-For wedding ceremonies

-To house outdoor hot tubs

-A garden

-As an entertainment area

Before a gazebo project can be started, zoning requirements must be considered. You will also need to identify how you will use the gazebo throughout the year so Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence can design you a very useful structure. Depending on your blueprint you will know how much space you will need in your yard to accommodate your new addition.

We can build your gazebo in all kinds of shape. Here are the most common gazebo shapes:






The best shape for your home will be based on your practical and functional needs. Gazebos can come as small as 6’X6’ or as large as a 30’X30’ for an octagon gazebo style.

Here are the materials we can use to build your gazebo:

-Cedar wood for a sturdy structure that fits well in your outdoor environment.

-Redwood for a structure that will stand well against changes in the outdoor environment. Redwood can fight off decay, insect damage and it’s resistant to bending/ warping.

-Vinyl for those that prefer a very low maintenance gazebo. You will never have to worry about rotting, water damage or insect problems.

What’s the best area to build a gazebo?

The answer is in a backyard garden or a gazebo shelter. The yard should have a level lawn for the best results. It’s not recommended to have a gazebo built on top of clay.

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