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How to decorate a backyard for Oktoberfest

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Do you celebrate Oktoberfest annually? Then it’s time to get really in the spirit by learning how to decorate your backyard for Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest decor is all about celebrating the beauty of Fall and family culture.

You know when you’re celebrating Oktoberfest the right way when your backyard is decorated to make visitors feel as if they are traveling to Bavaria.

With German food and fun family activities, you can transform your backyard to a lavish event.

A custom fence and deck by Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence can help you set the scene for a great Oktoberfest.

Place on deck the best of Munich, Germany brews.

Grill delicious food like grilled chicken, roasted pig and potato pancakes to really give party guests a taste of Germany.

Serve non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks in beer stein mugs.

Hold a mini carnival on the lawn. Let there be a story time on the home deck.

What you envision for your Oktoberfest can be.

We highly recommend decorating the deck dinner table with an Oktoberfest runner to really get in the spirit.

Your backyard will truly be breathtaking as the crisp fall leaves glam up your backyard scenery.

You cannot go wrong with authentic German goods when it comes to Oktoberfest decorations. Get your outdoor Oktoberfest tableware in advance. Post Oktoberfest banners on your home fence. We are here to help you personalize your Oktoberfest party.  Just think eye catching and fun when you are searching for inspiration.

If you are worried about staying warm during Oktoberfest, we can design a screened porch for your home.

Oktoberfest has been celebrated since 1810. It started as a wedding festival.

Play merry music. Enjoy your guests;  enjoy your home. Don’t forget to serve Black Forest cake. You’ll be sure to have an Oktoberfest to remember.

Popular color themes to use for the celebration are red, black and gold.

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