What is the Best Fence for My Dog?

What is the Best Fence for My Dog?Your dog is a part of your family. This is something every dog owner knows to be true. Those furry, four-legged animals are just so easy to love. But they can test your patience from time to time, especially when they do their best Houdini impersonation and escape your yard. Sheesh! It seems like nothing you do works. So maybe it is time to invest in a fence, but what style? What you want to know is, “What is the Best Fence for My Dog?

The Right Fence Can Keep Your Dog Safe

Dogs like to dig. Dogs like to jump. So the style of fencing you choose has to be tough enough and tall enough to keep your dog safely in your yard. For these reasons, The Whole Dog Journal, an online periodical dedicated to man’s (and woman’s) best friend, recommends a six-foot wood privacy fence. Not only are these fences tall enough to keep your dog contained, but because they are solid – unlike chain link fences – they will shield your dog from the outside world. No more getting overly excited when the mailman drives by.

Of course, there are other ways your dog can escape. So it is important to also follow these quick tips:

  1. Pay attention to your dog. Dogs typically try to escape a yard for two reasons: outside stimuli and boredom. The privacy fence helps eliminate the stimuli, but the boredom factor is up to you. If you leave your dog alone for an extended period of time, he/she will eventually get bored and try to dig their way to freedom and fun.
  2. Examine the fence. Periodically examine the perimeter of the fence for signs of damage or, more importantly, any signs that your dog may have already tried to escape, such as claw marks, chew marks, or signs of digging.
  3. Keep objects away from the fence. Make sure there is nothing along the edge of the fence that your dog can use as a jumping point to escape.
  4. Prevent digging. While it is tough to stop a dog from digging (it’s instinctual), you can do some things to stop them from trying to burrow under your fence. For starters, you can place rocks around the edge of your fence. This is not the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it works. You can also try burying wire in the ground to stop your dog from digging, or installing an electric wire around the perimeter.

The Right Fence from Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence

Wood fences in Maryland are still one of the most popular, and one of the most reasonably priced materials used today. And Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence offers many different styles of standard wood fencing as well as custom design built fences to choose from.

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