How to Tell If Deck Replacement Is in Your Future

Deck Replacement For starters, deck replacement is in everyone’s future, unless, of course, you don’t have a deck. As they say, all good things must come to an end. And your deck is no exception. The average wood deck lasts just 10-15 years with regular, preventive maintenance. Without such maintenance, the life of your deck could be cut in half. So the question you want to know is “When should I consider deck replacement?”

How to Tell If It Is Time for Deck Replacement

When it comes to your deck, there are several warning signs to keep an eye out for. These include:

  1. The No. 1 sign you need a new deck is rotting or decaying wood. Aside from the physical signs of such damage, you may notice boards that start to feel soft or spongey underfoot. These are sure signs that deck replacement is in your (near) future.
  2. If your railings appear to be weak or excessively loose, it may be time to consider a new deck. Your railings play a very important role: safety. This is especially true for decks connected to the second story of homes.
  3. If the ledger board – the board that attaches the deck to your house – begins to come undone, deck replacement is a must and should be done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

However, the best way to tell if it is time for a total deck replacement is to have a professional come and assess the condition of your deck.

Deck Replacement from Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence

Mid- Atlantic Deck and Fence has been building custom fences and decks throughout Maryland since 1987. Today, we are not only one of Maryland’s leading and most innovative deck and fence companies, but we also have one of the largest selections of low maintenance decking products in the state.

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If you are not ready to completely replace your deck, Re-Decking may be an option. We will inspect your existing deck to see if re-decking is even an option. Re-decking takes the existing frame and replaces only the deck boards. It’s like a facelift for your deck!

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