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Stairway to deck heaven

I’m often amazed by the number of homeowners who overlook adding a staircase to their elevated decks.  A well-designed, well-built staircase adds to a deck’s aesthetics and says to guests, “welcome to our home.”  Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to deck stairs.

  • Building codes affect what you can and can’t do with your stairs, so make sure you know the local regulations before beginning.
  • Wider stairs help when it comes to adding and removing large items to and from your deck.
  • Make sure you put your stairway in the right place.  You don’t want people coming up in the middle of your dining or cooking area.
  • If you have a long set of stairs, consider incorporating a landing midway up.

There are security and safety concerns that make deck stairs unadvisable, and obviously in these cases, it’s best to skip them.  If you’re weighing your options, contact us. We can help you decide and then design and build the perfect set of stairs for you.

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