Railing on railings

With all the attention to deck accessories, lighting, and sound, it’s easy to overlook one of the most essential components of a deck – it’s railing. In most jurisdictions, you’re required to have a railing if your deck is 30 inches or higher off the ground. But a railing is far more than just a safety feature

Railings give your deck a finished look. Often they’re the first part of the deck that visitors see, so you want to make sure your railings are attractive. Fortunately, you have almost a wide a choice of materials for railings as you do for decks. Wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum railings are all available. Glass railings also make a great option for the right house.

You can also add functionality to railings by building different features to them. Many homeowners build flower boxes into their railings to further enhance the look of their deck. Others build shorter, wider railings that can double as benches to provide more seating. Another option is building a bar top into the railing.

Whether you want a new railing of a whole new deck, we can help you. Contact us to get started today.

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