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Signs It’s Time to Replace a Chain-Link Fence

You may have bought a property that came with an older chain-link fence installed, or you may have an older fence on your commercial property that was installed years ago. While chain-link lasts for a long time and is known for its durability, nothing lasts forever, and even chain-link begins to fail over time. It’s important to stay vigilant and aware of any indicators that it’s time to replace a chain-link fence, so let’s take a look at some of the top signs that it’s time to think about replacement.

Warping Frame

The frame of a chain-link fence is what gives it that foundational support. Think of it as the skeleton of your fence on which everything else is built. Because it’s so essential, it’s also why damages to the frame can have such a dramatic impact on your fence’s integrity. Collisions and other kinds of physical impacts could cause the frame of your fence to warp or bend. Once this happens, the entire fence is structurally compromised.

Damaged or Missing Links

A damaged or even missing link may feel like a problem you can ignore, but this will lead to large holes in your fence eventually. Typically, you see damaged or missing links due to strong winds, collisions, or even attempted break-ins. Once a hole begins to get large enough, it reduces the security you get from installing the fence in the first place, so it may be time to replace a chain-link fence.


High-quality chain-link fences often come with coatings made of zinc or other materials that can prevent damage from being in the outdoors. However, even the highest-quality coatings can break down over time and leave your links susceptible to rusting. A bit of rust here and there isn’t cause for concern with a metal fence like chain-link, but once you get large patches of the stuff, you could be facing permanent damage or a compromised structure.


Even if your fence’s protective coating doesn’t begin to rust, slow erosion of that coating can still nonetheless be a problem. If your chain-link fence is getting up there in years, it may be the case that the layers of your protective coating have started to wear down. Instead of having to think about when rust will begin, you can head the problem off by installing a new fence with better durability. It can be one factor in the decision of whether or not to replace a chain-link fence.

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