Why Install a Fence in Fall or Winter

Why Install a Fence in Fall or Winter

Fall or winter are both excellent times to install a fence in Maryland.

Fall and winter may take us indoors for the most part, but that does not mean that all outdoor activity has to end. Home improvements can still continue in the winter, as professionals like Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence know how to work in all kinds of weather. However, there are several reasons why it is beneficial to install a fence in fall or winter this year.

Mild Weather

Fall brings with it mild temperatures, where one can still wear short sleeves without breaking a sweat. In Maryland, winters are relatively mild compared to northern regions, and, as mentioned above, fence and deck crews know how to work no matter what time of year it is. All in all, working in mild weather is easier than working under the hot summer sun.

Fewer Impediments

In spring and summer, plants emerge and grow like mad. Installing a fence could mean you are working around new sprouts and ample foliage. In the fall and winter, plants are mostly out of the way, and there is less of a chance that the fence installation or renovation crew will harm tender perennials. Even so, one should take care to avoid letting plants grow over or brush against the fence, as it could lead to moisture and rot issues.

The Cold Is No Problem

In Maryland, the weather can easily drop below freezing for long spells during the winter, but this is no issue for Mid-Atlantic Fence & Deck. Whether it is the mild fall or the mild winter, we are available to work with you on your fence or other outdoor home improvement project. If the ground freezes, professionals have specialized equipment to work the ground regardless.

A Pressing Need

Suppose your old fence collapsed in the middle of the fall or winter, or you just moved into a house that lacked privacy or security. The purpose of a fence has real-life applications that could be necessary no matter what the season is. A residential fence can provide the security, privacy, and boundaries you need to complete your home. 

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