Screen Porches: Style Tips To Get the Most Living From Your Screen Porch

If you are a home-body that loves the outdoors as well, a screen porch maybe something you should consider for your home to add more living room! This article will provide you information on how you can benefit from having a screen porch for spring.

Installing a screen porch is a cheap, quick and easy way to add a wonderful addition to your home without adding a regular room. You are not required to layout a foundation, insulation or a HVAC system. All you have to do is pick a spot where you can enjoy fresh air and all nature has to offer without being troubled by pests like mosquitoes.

Here are a few style choices you can pick for your screen porch:

Fall Style: Have a screen porch looking out to a landscape with a woodstove. It will keep you warm while giving you crisp and fresh air during the fall.

Spring Style:  A screen porch is perfect to have for the Spring. You will get more out of your porch than a deck because it can protect you from the elements such as rain and protect you from pest.

If your porch is on an elevated deck, make sure the builder places a screen beneath the floorboards to keep bugs from coming into the boards of your porch.

A porch is great to have for a home because it adds resale value and helps to sell a home easier.

Enjoy a meal in the fresh air offered by your screen porch. Add skylights to add more natural light to your screen porch. Make sure the flooring of the porch is consistent with the indoor flooring to transition guests between the two spaces.

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Source: Screen the Porch for More Living Room (Almost) All Year

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