Fencing: How To Successfully Install And Stain A Wooden Fence

Are you considering installing a wooden fence in your backyard and want to stain that fence as well? If yes to both, you will find this article very useful. We have for you some fence staining tips to enhance the curb appeal of your wooden fence. Read to get started.

When you install a wood fence in your home, some point in its lifetime you will need to sand and stain it. You want to keep your fence looking as wonderful as the first day you got it installed.

Wood fencing has a natural beauty and uniqueness all can admire. Staining will provide you the opportunity to make your wood fencing distinctive. You can choose a variety of stain colors to successfully make your wood fence distinctive and attractive. Staining will highlight the natural color, grain and texture of your wood.

Follow these tips to make your wood fence-staining project a success:

–  Make sure the day you stain your fence there is no rain in the forecast for at least 48 hours.

–  Decide if you will want to brush, roll or spray gun the stain to your wood. A spray gun may be quicker than the other options, but doing it by hand will give your fence a cleaner look.

– Cover the area around your fence with a tarp to keep your property clean and safe.

– Power wash your fence with a pressure washer or hose to have your fence cleaned after drying for two days.

–  Once the fence is dry, apply a waterproof sealant.

If you need a wood fence installed today, hire Mid-Atlantic Deck And Fence.

Wood fences in Maryland are still one of the most popular, and one of the most reasonably priced materials used in the construction of fences in our area. Mid AtlanticDeck and Fence offers many different styles of standard wood fencing as well as custom design built fences to choose from, if you see it in a magazine we can build it. Because Mid Atlantic purchases most of our wood fencing products by the truck load it gives us the ability to purchase a better grade of lumber at a lesser cost for your woodfencing project.

There are two species of lumber that are typically used in the construction of your new wood fence. One is Pressure treated southern yellow pine and the other is western red cedar. Both are great products when used in wood fence applications however both species of lumber will require periodic maintenance, which with a little elbow grease your new wood fence will stay looking great for many years to come. If you like the look of your new wood fence but don’t like the maintenance no fear, Mid Atlantic now offers cleaning and sealing of your new wood fence. So sit back and enjoy your new out door environment.

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