Prepping Your Backyard For Your Memorial Day Barbeque

With Memorial Day just over a week away, this weekend is all about preparing for your big barbeque bash. It is time to get the backyard in order and clean that dingy deck so that your Memorial Day cookout can be the best around. But where do you start?

This article from explains everything you need to do to make sure your barbeque is the talk of the town.

1. Pick up any toys, sporting equipment or other items that may be in your yard but unnecessary for the party.

2. Mow the lawn and landscape where necessary.

3. Check the backyard for any safety issues such as filling holes that may cause people to fall when walking, or fixing a loose board on a deck or stones in a patio.

4. If you have not power washed or stained your deck in quite some time, this is the weekend to do it. You want everything to look its best for your guests.

5. Wipe off outdoor furniture with a damp cloth. If you will have a large crowd of people, consider borrowing folding chairs and tables from friends or renting additional furniture.

6. Clean the grill racks, replace old charcoal and fill the gas tank of your grill if you plan to use it for cooking.

7. Decorate your deck, fence or chairs with decorations that fit your party’s theme, if it has one. Garden torches, fire pits, strings of lights, citronella candles and lanterns can add atmosphere to an evening party.

8. Shop til you drop. The worst thing that could happen at any barbeque would be to run out of food…or heaven forbid, beer. So make sure you have plenty of goodies to go around. And don’t forget to grab a few Vegetarian/Vegan friendly dishes. There always seems to be one non-meat eater in the group.

9. Prepare a buffet table and set out a cooler with cold beverages just before your guests arrive.

10. Sit back and enjoy.

Now you are ready to wow your friends and family Memorial Day weekend.

But of course, if you need a venue for your barbeque, maybe it is time to have a deck of your very own installed. For more information, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence by calling 1.800.833.9310 or click here today!

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