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Proper Grill Safety Tips

Now that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, many of you are going to jump at the chance to starting grilling. Why wouldn’t you? Nothing is quite as nice as standing out by the grill while barbequing a few burgers and drinking a couple cold beers. That is what Summer is all about.

But the key to a fun Summer is being safe. So when you are in your backyard firing up that grill, make sure you practice proper grill safety.

This article from eHow.com breaks down grill safety in 5 simple steps.

1.   Inspect your grilling area. You should check for several fire hazards. These include overhanging limbs, and dry grass. If your surroundings are very dry, you can ensure the safety of everyone at your cookout by preparing ahead of time. Take a hose and soak down the grass around your grill so any sparks will not ignite dry grass. You should also soak surrounding limbs. It is best not to grill in an area with low overhanging limbs. Either remove them or choose a different location for you grill. This will prevent flare ups from igniting an overhanging limb.

2.   Start your grill with caution. If you are using starter fluid, do not use too much. Yes, the flames can provide a great show, but the safety risk they present is not worth it. Never use starter fluid on a lit grill, the fluid could ignite and result in your clothes and body catching fire. If you are using a chimney starter, keep children away from the starter while it is lighting the coals. A chimney starter will have flames come out of the top opening, presenting a burn risk to children and adults alike.

3.   Watch your grill at all times once the coals are lit or the gas is turned on. A grill that is not monitored is a major safety risk. There are always chances of flare ups. Keep a water spray bottle by your grill to help suppress grill flare ups.

4.   Keep children away from the grilling area. Kids will most likely want to play games and run around at a cookout. Make sure they understand that the grill area is off limits. Even if the lid is closed, the outside surface of a grill can get very hot and cause severe burns.

5.   Cook your food to the correct temperatures. This is quite often forgotten when discussing grill safety. Foodborne illness can be a very dangerous condition that happens when food is not cooked to the proper temperature. To be safe at a cookout, you should cook all meat to an internal temperature of 160 degrees, and slightly higher for poultry and seafood. To test the temperature of your food use an instant read thermometer.

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