Outdoor Shade Options

Shade is a crucial element of any outdoor area, especially in hot summer climates. Shade will protect you from sunburn, harmful ultraviolet rays and other issues resulting from exposure to sunlight. And if you plan on entertaining, shade is a must. But what are your options? Well, let’s take a look…


Pagodas originated as Buddhist religious structures and can be found throughout East Asia. They are still used as religious centers there, while pagoda-style structures have become popular in the West as decorative garden buildings and pieces of architecture.


Gazebos are particularly charming because they provide a shaded area, typically raised off the ground, where people may sit and enjoy the unobstructed view of their surroundings. Gazebos are used for romantic wedding locations, private dining and relaxation. Landscapers may choose a gazebo for a garden decoration for the southern charm it adds to the area.


Pergolas are an excellent way to add design and architectural details to your patio. Pergolas are fairly simple and inexpensive to build. A pergola will provide partial shade for your outdoor patio. However, if you would like complete shade, you will need to completely cover your pergola with pressure-treated wood, outdoor fabric or another weather-resistant material.

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