How to Properly Clean Deck Furniture

You know the old saying, “the clothes make the man?” Well the same can be said about your deck…well, sort of. The truth is that your deck furniture plays a major role in the overall aesthetic value of your deck. Just like you wouldn’t wear filthy clothes that hadn’t been cleaned in months, why decorate your beautiful deck with grimy furniture?

But there is hope. This article from explains the proper way in which to clean your every type of deck furniture.

Wrought Iron/Other Metal

1.   Fill a bucket with warm water and a squirt of liquid dish detergent.

2.   Dip a sponge or scrub brush into the bucket of warm, soapy water. Scrub the furniture. Clean the entire surface of the furniture, including between any crevices and detail work.

3.   Rinse the furniture with clean water and allow to air-dry.

4.   Inspect the furniture. Remove any rust with a wire brush. If you don’t have a wire brush, sandpaper will suffice. Continue until the rust is gone and you can see bare metal.

5.   Spray the area that was rusted with primer. This will seal the metal, thus preventing future rust. Wait for the primer to dry, then paint the furniture with matching paint designed for metal/iron.


1.   Pour 1/4 cup ammonia and 2 tbsp. white vinegar into a bucket, then add approximately 1 quart water. If necessary, double the mixture to make more.

2.   Dip a soft-bristle scrub brush into the cleaning solution. Scrub the wood of the furniture, thoroughly washing the entire surface of the deck furniture.

3.   Rinse the furniture with clean water and allow to air-dry.


1.   Fill a bucket with warm water. Dip a clean sponge into the water and squeeze to wring out excess water.

2.   Pour a small amount of baking soda directly onto the wet sponge, then scrub the plastic or resin furniture. Because it is a mild abrasive, the baking soda helps strip away grime that has accumulated.

3.    Rinse the furniture with clean water and allow to air-dry.

So keep your deck looking great. After all, a few dirty pieces of furniture can really ruin the aesthetics of an otherwise gorgeous deck. If you have any questions, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence by calling1-800-833-9310 or click here today!

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