Keep the Beach in Your Sunroom


Thankfully, you don’t need to be lounging on your towel to feel like you’re at the beach with these ideas for your sunroom.

As school is restarting, the community pools begin to shutter for the fall, and beaches become ghost towns, you are probably missing the warm sunny rays on your feet and the salty breeze in your hair. Thankfully, you don’t need to be lounging on your towel to feel like you’re at the beach with these ideas for your sunroom. Use some of these beachy color palette ideas to bring the ocean to your backyard.

Clear Blue Waters

Looking for a fun and bright pop of color? Turquoise is a beautiful choice to give your walls a fun pop even in the dead of winter. Pick a shade that reminds you of your favorite beach waters to make it feel like your home away from home. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add in little extra touches like starfish, seashells, or sea glass on the mantle or side tables to really bring the beach to you.

A Lemon-Inspired Room That Won’t Make You Pucker

If you think of the beach when you think of lemonade and bright yellow shades, a gorgeous golden yellow would be the perfect accent color for your sunroom walls. Add some beachy white wicker furniture with patterned cushions in bright colors to enjoy while you sip your iced tea (we won’t tell anyone if it’s February!). Add in various lush green plants to make your sunroom be the warmest and most inviting room in the house.

Back to Nature

If you aren’t sure that bright colors are the right fit for your sunroom or your ideal beach experience, opt for a more natural and neutral palette. This is also a great option for those that use their sunrooms for year round entertaining. Consider painting the walls of your sunroom with a natural green shade or a light brown. This design allows you a lot of freedom with your furniture choices, as anything in natural shades of wicker or wood will be a perfect fit. Add in plants, whether real or artificial, to bring the life of the beach to your sunroom. Looking for a little more personality? Purchase or make cushions with subtle tropical patterns to adorn your new sunroom furniture.

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