Where should you setup the Thanksgiving Entertainment area?

Screened porch entertainment area

Are you expecting plenty of Thanksgiving guests? This week is no better time to prepare your home for entertaining your guests. Trust us, you will need more than great food to keep your guests happy and comfortable during the Thanksgiving holiday. To offer family and friends excellent entertainment you should provide them a lounge area they can comfortably enjoy before and after the big Thanksgiving feast.

Where should you setup your entertainment areas? We recommend using both your indoors and outdoor areas to meet the needs of young children and adults.

Entertainment items you can never go wrong with during the holidays are board games and a table for playing cards. There will always be some friends or family members that believe they are the best of the best card players or game players in the world. You can set up these games inside a screened porch area, out on the deck or somewhere within your fenced in backyard (or front yard).

Next, you may want to use a screened porch or sunroom to set up a Thanksgiving movie theater at night just in time for family and friends to enjoy the Thanksgiving Dinner. This is the perfect area to entertain guests because it’s away from the kitchen where you will prepare the Thanksgiving meal and your guests can have plenty of fresh air without over crowding each other. If you prefer guests to eat in the dining room, you can always use your screened porch as the buffet area.

You will feel less stressed this holiday season, if you stay away from having an open house for Thanksgiving. When you know exactly how many people will attend your Thanksgiving feast, you can save money on the cost of dinner, know how much space you will need to properly entertain your guests and you can plan a Thanksgiving menu that truly meets the needs of all party attendees. You can even allow your Thanksgiving guests to pitch in with having enough food by creating a potluck list.

Based on the menu and the type of holiday table you want for Thanksgiving, you can decide where in or out of your home you would like set up the dinner table. There are casual Thanksgiving tables available as well as traditional table setups.

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