How To Prepare For The Construction And Design Of A Screened Porch

Are you looking for a way to relax outdoors without being exposed to mosquitoes and hot summer weather? If yes, you should install a screened-in porch. This article will provide you information on all the benefits a screened porch can offer you.
The Benefits Of A Screened Porch
When you have a screened porch as part of your home, you can enjoy the warmth and breeze without being eaten alive by insects or suffering from excessive ultraviolet radiation.

You can use a screened porch in many ways. It can be transformed into a sun room.  You can use the screened porch to do some nature watching.

By having a well designed screened porch, you can increase the monetary value of your home. The materials used to create the screened porch should be architecturally compatible with your home so it may be durable for years to come.

If you are building a wood screen porch  that you want to paint, use cedar and redwood. These woods are good for paint adhesion, meaning they will hold paint well.

If you are installing a screened porch made of plastic or metal, do your research. Plastic is durable, lightweight, and rust resistant. A metal pre-framed screen is a good screen porch because it is easy to clean and replace.

Screen porches are enjoyed best when connected to a living room or family room. Make sure you have a nice view such as a garden.

As for night time use, make sure you have enough lighting. Floor lamps are great for illuminating an entire porch.

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Source:Screened-In Porch: Tips For The Construction, Design and Placement

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