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How should I protect my fence from Winter weather?

custom  wood fence

Are you planning to have a new wood fence installed this winter? There are things you will need to do to take care of your fence. Winter weather can be harsh to a wood fence. If you want to keep your fence looking attractive beyond the Winter season, you  need to protect it from harsh weather elements such as snow, freezing rain and harmful UV rays.

Having an attractive wood fence can increase your home value by thousands of dollars. When a property owner does not regularly maintenance a wood fence, the owner’s home value could drop by  thousands of dollars.

With a quality custom wood fencing that’s been stained with a semi transparent stain or a solid stain, you can be the proud owner of a wood fence for years to come.

It’s crucial to have your wood fence stained because the stain will absorb  into the wood to protect the fence from water damage. A solid stain will provide the best protection against water and UV rays. A semitransparent stain will help you showcase the quality of the grain and texture of your wood . It’s a perfect finish for residents that place beautification as a top priority.

If you want extra protection against UV rays and moisture, you should have your wood fence painted. Should you decide to later change to a stain, you will need to apply primer before staining.

To put it simple, a wood fence purpose is to designate your property borders and enhance your curb appeal.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence is here to create and install a custom wood fence for your property. We can design your wood fence to specifically protect your pets and children. We are here to design a fence that displays your personality in style without reducing the attractiveness of your property or limiting your space.

Cedar wood is a popular choice for residential fencing. Why? Cedar wood is very rot resistant and the cedar wood can be pressure treated to protect your wood from moisture damage.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence is here to help you make the right choices with your fence design and installation.

Take a look at our wood fences today to see what we can do for you.

Have yourself a merry holiday by scheduling a new fence installation.

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