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Best Family Gifts: How to create a backyard ice rink

wrought iron fencing for backyard ice rink

Are you trying to delightfully surprise your whole family this Christmas holiday without burning a hole in your wallet? You can by setting up a fun outdoors activity right in your backyard. To make this a really special surprise, you need to get creative and give your family a very special and unique gift. The perfect Christmas gift for any backyard would be building a backyard ice rink. Yes, a backyard ice rink is something the whole family can enjoy and it will also be a feature not many home’s in your neighborhood would have.

What will you need to build a backyard ice rink?

You will need the following home improvement materials:

  • Lumber (at least 175 feet)
  • Metal stakes (at least 25)
  • 50X100 ft of plastic liner

With the material you can define the edges of the backyard ice rink. The backyard ice rink can be used for ice-skating, hockey and other fun winter activities/ games. It’s recommended that the backyard ice rink be shaped as an oval to make sure hockey pucks don’t get lodged in corners during play because the shape is curved. You should have 2 inches of water depth for your backyard ice rink.

What is the best fence to have  around a backyard ice rink?

The best fence type for your ice rink will all depend on the activities you expect your family will use it for. Remember, you want to protect your home from flying items like pucks by installing an ice rink fence.

You can decide to have a temporary fence installed or have a permanent fence for your ice rink. As for fence material, the best ice rink fences are aluminum fences or wrought iron fences.

If you want extra privacy, you may decide to have a wood fence installed.

For the best ice rink and fence installations, your  home landscape should be  firm and level. If that doesn’t subscribe your landscape, you should have a wood platform built for your ice rink. The standard backyard ice rink can be installed within 24 hours but the ice will take between 1 to 3 days to set.

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