Fence Maintenance Tips: How To Make Your Wood Fencing Last

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Do you have a wood fence or plan to install wood fencing on your property? If yes, Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence is here to help you make your wood fencing last. Read to learn tips on how to properly maintenance your wood fence.

One of the worst things that can happen to a wood fence owner is seeing a beautiful wood fence deteriorate and fail in function long before its time. This nightmare is avoidable if you, as a homeowner, take proper care of your wood fencing.

Here are a few tips on how to properly maintenance your wood fencing:

– When you have a wood fence, do your best to keep soil from coming in contact with your wood fence. Soil should be avoidable especially near the bottom of the posts because this area is where most wood fences fail. Soil will bring termites to your fence and you fence will begin to rot. It can happen very rapidly. For example a fence made to last 45 + years could become a fence made to last only 5 to 10 years. Be careful where soil falls near your fence, especially if gardens are close by.

– Next, keep plants away from your fence. Termites often populate and eat wood fences from the inside out. Termites hibernate in plants.

– Try not to accidentally water your fence. Water in backyards often contains chlorine that bleaches and accelerates the weathering of your wood fence. To avoid this, keep your sprinklers as far as possible from your wood fence.

To help your fence remain in good condition from the start, use a good quality sealer or wood stain normally 30 to 90 days after completion. Most local home centers supply these types of products, and can be applied with a good quality pump up sprayer or by hand, or you can have Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co., Inc. seal your deck for you. Be careful if you are going to use a sprayer as it can get air borne and get on grass, shrubs, vehicles or even your house and is not easily removed. Make sure whatever sealer or stain you are going to use is suitable for the species of lumber that was used on your project. Power washing may be needed from time to time in order to remove excess dirt or stains and should be resealed or stained after it dries. Staining and sealing is not mandatory however it does keep your deck or fence looking new for many years to come. A lot of customers let their deck or fence weather naturally because they like the weathered, natural look.

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