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Enhance your deck dining experience

Dining al fresco on your deck is one of the great joys of summer.  You can enjoy the great food and drink while taking in the scenery around your yard.  If you’d like to enhance your experience, here are some things to consider:

1)    Raise your dining area.  More and more homeowners are defining their deck space the way they do family rooms or living/dining rooms inside.  Elevating a portion to your deck or adding on a section designed specifically for your table and chairs is a great way of doing this.

2)    Find the right spot for your grill.  The closer your grill is to the kitchen, the easier and more enjoyable your grilling experience will be.  At the same time having your grill right next to the house is a fire hazard, and you should observe prevailing wind currents around your deck to avoid smoke blowing into the house.  Experiment with different spots to find the optimal place for your grill.

3)    Fuel your grill.  Once you’ve found the perfect spot for the grill, you can look into running a natural gas or propane line directly to it.  This can save you the hassle of lighting charcoal or refilling propane tanks.  There’s nothing worse than an empty tank when your friends are over.

If these ideas sound good but your deck needs some work to make them happen, contact us for help adding to your deck or running a fuel line.  We’ll put our expertise to work in designing and building the deck of your dreams

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