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What “wood” you choose?

In last week’s blog, we made a passing reference to the differences in the varieties of wood used for fencing.  This week we’d like to go into this topic a little further.

As we mentioned last week, we’ve found western red cedar to the best wood for fences.  Untreated, it will stand up to weather and insects very well.  However, it too will eventually weather into a gray and then black color if you do not stain it, so you will not escape regular maintenance completely.

Southern yellow pine is another popular choice for wood fences.  It has a nice light color that many homeowners prefer and is a little cheaper than cedar.  However, you’ll definitely want pressure-treated pine.  Natural pine does not have cedar’s durability and without pressure treatment, you’ll be replacing it pretty quickly.

Because we buy our lumber by the truckload, we can get better grades of either wood at lower prices than you’ll find elsewhere.  Contact us to learn more about your fencing options.

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