Deck Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Wood decks are great additions to any homes, adding immediate aesthetic value to your property. But nothing is free. Decks require almost constant maintenance, especially in the winter months when they are not being used as often.

Cleaning your deck before winter is crucial to your maintenance efforts. Leaves, branches, and other debris create the perfect environment for standing water, which can wreak havoc on your wooden deck. So it is important to keep your deck clear of debris.

It is also a good idea to power wash your deck thoroughly before winter arrives. This will not only make your deck look as good as (or at least close to) new, but it will also blast away dirt that may be lurking in tiny cracks and crevices.

Other advice:

•     Autumn is also a very good time to stain your deck. The stain will help protect the wood during the winter months.

•     Be sure to fix and seal any cracks, as well. If water finds its way into even the tiniest crevice, it can freeze and split your wood, resulting in costly repairs.

•     Be sure to bring potted plants inside during the winter. This is not to save the plant from the cold, but to save your deck from unsightly rings that could occur if the pot stays in the same place all winter.

•     Deal with mold and mildew as the problem arises. These can wreak havoc on your wood deck. You definitely want to get rid of that mildew before winter comes though because it will keep spreading even when temperatures are cold.

•     Finally, once winter does come you want to be careful about removing the snow from your deck. Too much snow can put extra pressure on your deck and cause it to collapse.

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Deck Maintenance to Protect Your Deck All Winter Long

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