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Deck design 101

I’m constantly amazed by people who spend so much time on the design of their home interiors, then give short shrift to planning their decks.  If you’re going to add a deck, it means you want more living space to enjoy and hopefully, increase the value of your home. Don’t waste your money on a deck you won’t be happy with.  Deck space should be designed like any other room in your home to provide you with functionality, easy traffic flow, and a complimentary look to your home.

  1. The first part of planning your deck should be outlining what you’re looking for in your outdoor space.  Do you want an outdoor eating area?  An outdoor hot tub?  A covered area? A place for plants? Make a list so your contractor can make it happen.
  2. It is helpful if you have a copy of the site plan or plan for your house when you meet with your contractor. Professional contractors can enter this information into deck plan software to make a more exact, detailed design.  It’s one more way of ensuring your happy with the final product.
  3. Remember your deck does not have to be symmetrical to the back of your house.  It’s important to achieve a nice blend with the existing architecture.

If you’re ready to add a useful, outdoor living area to your home, contact us and we’ll go through all the steps with you to ensure you wind up with a useful, attractive deck.

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