Accessorize your deck

From outdoor kitchens, to hot tubs, to pagodas, homeowners make a lot extravagant additions to their decks that make them more useful and appealing.  However, don’t overlook more basic items that make your decks more comfortable.  Here are some of them.

  1. Patio heater – These upright heaters let you use your deck earlier in spring and later in the fall than you otherwise might.  You could also achieve the same effect with more ambiance by installing an outdoor fireplace.
  2. Awning – Just the opposite of the above items, an awning makes the deck more bearable in the heat of the summer.  Retractable awnings allow you the best of both worlds, or building out overhangs can give you more durable shade
  3. Lights and sound – Homeowners have long added lights and speakers to their decks, but now, they’re no longer limited to putting them on the outside wall of the house.  We can put lights on railing posts or up your steps.  Wireless speakers can go anywhere on the deck and be disguised to look like rocks in planters.

If any of these items are of interest, contact us and we’ll get to work making your dreams a reality.  We’ll not only take care of your decks, but it’s accessories too (even the fancy ones).

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