Cheap & Fun: Halloween Deck Party Ideas

Do you need to plan a cheap but fun Halloween Party? If yes, have a Halloween party out on your deck! The best parties are the ones that offer food and Halloween ghoulishly creative offers and designs! Below we have a list of Halloween party ideas to help you save money while having fun!

Have a potluck.

Request that everyone invited bring one Halloween dish and a white pillowcase to store Halloween treats!

Plan ahead what food you will be serving.

Make or buy a few cupcakes. Decorate your cupcakes with mini-tombstones. Fill pumpkins with candy.

Make chocolate covered mice (not real mice, they are made of chocolate)! Here is the recipe.

Make spicy Batwings, great chicken wing recipe!

Low-Cost Halloween Decorations.

Use black and orange balloons on sticks as centerpieces! Carve pumpkins, clean the pumpkins and fill them with candy.

Mask Making.

Use paper plates as masks. Let the kids use glitter, colored marker, beads, and anything else they can use to get creative! Punch holes in the sides of their creations and use ribbons to tie each mask on each child.

Have a Halloween Trivia Game.

Create 50 Halloween trivia cards. A simple Internet search can give you plenty of Halloween information to play trivia.

Make Trick or Treat Bags

Have an activity area on your deck for the children. Have Halloween stencils and colored markers available for the children to use on their trick or treat bags (pillowcases). Use old magazines. Use fabric glue to attach cut-outs to the pillowcases.

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