Creating a Stunning Wedding Gazebo

Are you having an Autumn Wedding? Do you have a gazebo or want to install one? If yes to both, we are here to help you learn how to decorate a gazebo for your wedding!

A gazebo can solve any type of weather issue you may face while holding a wedding in the great outdoors. Gazebos give you shelter from the great outdoors. The great thing about having a gazebo is that you can decorate it however you desire. Let your imagination go wild! Gazebos are made to live out design dreams. Read below for a few tips on how to design your dream wedding gazebo decoration!

Use tulle or organza.

You should use tulle or organza to soften the straight lines of your gazebo. When you do this task, attach the fabric at the top and tack it along the sides. Next to each tack, place an ornament. Examples of great quality ornaments are flowers, fall leaves and balloons.

Use ribbon that mirrors the colors of your wedding theme.

Tie the ribbon around flowerpots. Intertwine it with flowing material. Make amazing bows out of wired ribbon. Ribbons add beauty to areas in need of color on your gazebo.

Decorate different parts of the gazebo with flowers.

Bouquets should be placed at eye level on different areas of the gazebo. Flowers and greenery add elegance to your gazebo decoration. If you prefer not to use fresh flowers, you can decorate your gazebo with silk flowers or garlands.

Hang fun items on the ceiling.

It will look amazing to hang beautiful decorations from the ceiling of your gazebo. Make a sky with stars. Hang paper lanterns or cutouts in the shape of jewels. If your wedding has a specific theme, use it in the ceiling design.

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