6 Tips to Make Your Deck More Private

Are you looking to add more privacy to your deck? If yes, we have six great tips to share with you to give you excellent privacy. Read below to get started.

Add the Sound of Water

Do you live near a busy street? If yes, try adding a fountain or some type of water feature to your deck to block out the background noise. Hearing the trickling of water is soothing.

Utilize Evergreens

Trees are a great way to create privacy. Trees add to privacy and beauty to your backyard. Not to mention, trees filter out noise.

Add a Roof

If you add a pergola to your deck, it can make you feel cozy, create shade and enhance privacy. You can hang baskets and plants to enhance style as well.

Use Your House

Install your deck close to your home. When you line up your home with your deck, you lessen your maintenance duties for your backyard and eliminate any area that would otherwise be an odd space.

Build a Screen

A simple privacy screen can make a huge difference to your deck. A privacy screen will give you enough protection to enjoy your deck without being completely visible to outsiders.

Add a Wall

Installing a privacy fence to your backyard is an excellent way to prevent others from invading your privacy.

Hire a professional to improve your privacy.

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Source: 13 Tips to Make Your Deck More Private

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