4 Winter Safety Tips For Icy Front and Back Yard

It is wintertime. You want your home front yard and backyard to be safe as possible for home occupants, friends, neighbors and strangers. To help you be safe around your home this winter, we have 5 tips to give you on how to avoid winter falls, from icy driveways to slippery sidewalks. Read below to increase your home front yard and backyard safety.

Wear Winter Shoes

During the wintertime, you should wear flat shoes and boots because they offer good traction. You can pick good traction shoes by looking at the texture of the soles. Good soles have a non-slip rubber or neoprene grooved soles. Avoid footwear with smooth soles and avoid wearing heels. You can also use products that allow you to attach traction to shoes with poor traction or no traction at all.

Modify Your Gait.

When you walk during the wintertime, make sure your knees are bent. Set your feet wide apart and point your toes outward.  Do not rush while walking. Walk in short, slow steps when pathways are icy. If you do not believe you will have time to walk carefully, leave your home early when you venture out for an appointment.

Maintain Balance.

Always keep a good balance. Walk with your arms held out to your sides. Never carry anything heavy on you because heavy objects can throw off your balance. When walking up or down steps, be sure to always hold a handrail. If there is no handrail, bend your needs to help you catch yourself when losing your balance.

Break Your Fall.

If you are on the verge of falling backwards, you need to tuck in your chin to protect your head. If you are on the verge of falling forward, never use your arms to break your fall. Instead, try to land on a part of your body with more padding, such as your behind. For safekeeping, wear a bulky winter coat for extra protection.

To make your home property safer, install a deck or fence.

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Source: 5 Ways to Avoid Winter Falls

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