5 Tips To Install A Fence Post During Winter

Do you need to install a fence post this winter? If yes, we are here to help by giving you the tips on how to install a fence post. Read below to get started.

The Use Of A Fence Post

Fence posts are important to the health of your fence because fence posts create durability and stability for your fence. It is best to install fence posts when the weather is warm so your fence can avoid being unevenly installed. However, sometimes you cannot prevent when you will need to install a fence. You may have to install your fence during the wintertime. This can be a moderately challenging task.

What You Will Need To Install

You will need a spade shovel, a fence post digger and a broom handle level. You will use the spade shovel to chip the ice and dirt. The ice you need to chip through on average is 3 to 8 inches. Make sure you scoop the frozen dirt in a pile away from your hole.

Shape It Out

Make sure you use the post-hole digger to dig and shape out your fence post-hole. The hole should be 3 inches greater than the diameter of the fence and make the hole 1 to 3 feet deep.

Put the Fence Post In The Hole

When placing the fence post in the hole make sure you install it straight up against the side that is further way from you. Use your level to make sure your fence post is straight.

Use the Soil To Finish Up

When the fence post is straight, use the soil you set aside to pack up the fence post. The broom handle can help you scoop the soil and fit it perfectly around the fence post. When the hole is fully packed with dirt, your post will be installed.

This tasks can be challenging and be hard to fix if done inaccurately. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional.

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