How To Properly Clean Your Fence

Are you thinking of installing a fence but worry about fence maintenance? If yes, we are here to give you a few pointers on how to properly clean your fence, no mater the type of fence you want installed. Read below to learn how to clean a fence the right way.

Cleaning a Vinyl Fence

To Clean a vinyl fence you will need a water hose, some vinyl cleaning solution( or some soapy water), a soft rag and soft scrub brush( just in case you challenging stains or dirt to remove).

You only need to clean a vinyl fence every three to six months. Usually you need to clean a vinyl fence for dirt, grass stains, leaves, or debris from stormy weather. When picking cleaning solutions for vinyl, you will know it is safe to clean the vinyl fence with, if it is labeled environmentally friendly.

Clean And Stain A Wood Fence

To clean and stain a wood fence you will need a power washer, wood stain (no paint), bleach, wood cleaning solution and a plastic sheet to protect the grass surrounding your fence. You only have to clean your wood fence every three to five years.

Apply your cleaning solution to the fence and let it soak in your fence until your fence looks brighter and cleaner. Next, spray your fence off with water and a power washer to get rid of old paint and hard to remove stains.

Cleaning A Chain Link, Steel, or Aluminum Fence

To clean a chain link, steel or aluminum fence, you will need a hose, a soft scrub brush, and soapy water. You only need to clean these types of fences once a year.

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