Vinyl vs. Wooden Fencing: Which Should You Choose?

wooden vs vinyl

Which material is right for your home’s fencing?

Fencing isn’t all about looks, these days.  When you install a fence in your yard, you’re making a decision that will affect your home’s value, your neighborhood, your security and your maintenance routine.  After all, installing fencing requires some extensive permission and preparation.  You may be so concerned with this that you have no idea what material to choose.  Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence is here to list pros and cons of each, so you can make the right decision without having to do extensive research.

Wooden Fencing


There’s something about wooden fencing that has a very natural charm, which can’t be achieved with vinyl fencing.  Homes that are in wooded areas may particularly benefit, aesthetically, from choosing wood.  Because it comes in so many different varieties, wooden fences are not limited to a single design like you may think.  They can look more uniform, or they can imitate nature’s haphazardness–it’s really up to you.



  • Looks natural
  • Cheaper and more available
  • Easy to cut and work with
  • Environmentally friendly



  • Frequent maintenance can run up costs
  • May rot and are subject to mildew
  • Needs varnish and touch-ups
  • Prone to destruction by animals and elements


Vinyl Fencing


Some homeowner’s associations require vinyl fencing, because it can be much more easily matched in design.  You may want to consider this kind of fencing if you’re interested in something durable and long-lasting.  If you’re concerned about naturalness, you can always get vinyl in specific textures that look like painted wood or other natural materials.  



  • Durable; easily weathers environmental damages like heat and wind
  • Won’t wear over time
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight with low installation costs
  • Comes in a variety of colors and textures



  • Initially much more expensive
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Hard to cut down to a specific size


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