Why Should You Invest in a Gazebo?


Gazebos look beautiful on decks during every season, and they still provide a level of functionality that shouldn’t be ignored.

Gazebos are a frequently overlooked possible addition to decks.  It may seem as though you’re better off building something like a screened porch, but sometimes you want an outdoor addition that won’t be used quite as often.  Gazebos look beautiful on decks during every season, and they still provide a level of functionality that shouldn’t be ignored.  Read on to discover why you should start building your own gazebo.

Add value


Your home value will certainly rise with the addition of a gazebo.  It’s possible for a single gazebo to add almost 50% more to your home value!  The elegance and beauty of a gazebo should never be undervalued.  A well-decorated backyard with a gazebo can really make your home stand out on the market, and especially from your neighbors.  


They’re customizable


There’s no limit to how your gazebo can be personalized.  Either by design, material, shape…you are the one who gets to decide how it looks, and how it costs.  Even the cheapest form of gazebo, a wooden one, still looks absolutely beautiful.  You could also choose vinyl or metal as a main material, and even the roofing can be made with varying materials.  If you’re looking for a structure that will truly display your own personal touch, a gazebo is the perfect choice.


Add privacy


While gazebos do advertise themselves as open and airy, you can add screens on them if you desire.  This way, sitting out on the deck on a summer night will be peaceful and not plagued with mosquitoes.  Also, it simply feels more enclosed and personal when you’re surrounded by something as beautiful as a gazebo.  The structure gives the illusion of a private room, and yet shows your guests the rest of your landscape.  


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