Say Hello to Fall By Decorating Your Deck

Say Hello to Fall By Decorating Your Deck

Join us in saying hello to fall by decking out your deck with these fantastic decoration ideas.

Happy Fall! Today is the first day of Fall, also known as the fall equinox. Some places around the country and the world might call it autumn, but ‘tis the season of scarves, boots, pumpkins, and falling leaves. Join us in saying hello to fall by decking out your deck with these fantastic decoration ideas.  

String Lights

It’s still too early for Christmas decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a page out of jolly old St. Nick’s book. Why not put some up string lights? Festoon your deck with fall-themed string lights. Halloween is still about a month away, so start going all-out for when those trick-or-treaters show up. Even when you’re staying warm by the bonfire, you can enjoy the subtle warmth and glow of these string lights. They’re an affordable option that lend a great seasonal touch. Why not consider adding lanterns too? Best of all, you can choose a pergola or screened in deck to complete the cozy atmosphere.

New Furniture

Spending time out on your deck with tea or hot spiced cider won’t be the same without someplace to sit. Add some new and updated furniture to your deck. After all, your old furniture might not have lasted the summer. Try brown, red, and orange as the colors of choice, and experiment with stripes above all other patterns. If you’re particularly festive, repainting or restaining the deck or patio will sync up with the soon to be falling leaves.

Pumpkins and Other Plants

While you’re still decorating, don’t forget about the foliage! Fall is known for its breathtaking assortment of plants that come into season. Pumpkins might be predictable, but that shouldn’t take away from the fun. If you spice up those pumpkins with fall flowers, not to mention other plants, you can give your deck that little something extra it might not have had before.

Delightful Candles

Candles are always a fantastic idea to get yourself in that fall mood. Besides pumpkin spice, play around with cinnamon, nutmeg, or almond, if you can find it. If you don’t have a firepit or outdoor fireplace, or can’t afford one, candles are the way to go. But when you light your candles, remember to blow them out once you’re done!

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