How Deck Lighting Can Improve Your Backyard

How Deck Lighting Can Improve Your Backyard

Deck lighting makes a huge difference in the way that your backyard looks all night long.

Deck lighting makes a huge difference in the way that your backyard looks all night long. Whether you love to use your deck after hours to entertain family and friends under the stars or simply want to add some more lighting to your home for security reasons, there are many different deck lighting techniques that can drastically improve your backyard. How can deck lighting techniques improve your backyard?

The Three Types of Deck Lighting

There are three main types of outdoor lighting used for decks, patios, and more. The three types are:

  • Uplighting: Lights are placed underneath or below your deck so that the light is cast up
  • Downlighting: Lights are placed above your deck or patio and cast down, like a streetlight
  • Transverse lighting: Lights are placed across from the deck, like table lamps or candles

While you can use all three deck lighting techniques in your backyard at the same time, most people prefer to start with one and add additional lighting in the future as they realize what they really want.

What Techniques Can I Choose From?

The most common deck lighting techniques are:

  • Spotlighting: Using a single beam of light to highlight a feature on your deck or a spot in your hardscaping
  • Tree lighting: Placing deck lighting in the trees surrounding it to cast down through the branches and give a moonlight effect
  • Security lighting: This is commonly installed with other deck lighting techniques to scare off intruders and prevent a break-in
  • Grazing: This deck lighting technique shows off the texture of whatever is being highlighted, which could be an interesting railing or the texture of your decking material itself
  • Path lighting: Path lighting is typically used with other types of lighting to create a safe and visible path to and from your deck.

Ready for the Deck Lighting of Your Dreams?

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