What are the Benefits of Aluminum Fences?

There are a number of materials to choose from when considering adding a fence to your residence. Among the choices are wood, vinyl, wrought iron and aluminum.

aluminum fence

Aluminum Fencing offers many advantages

We’ve recently written about the advantages presented by vinyl fencing and wood fencing. Now let’s look at the advantages of aluminum fencing.

Let’s first revisit the primary question,

What is the purpose of your fence?

Residential fencing is divided into the categories of Security, Safety and Decorative. Security fences are used to help keep intruders out. Safety fences are more for keeping pets within a yard or surrounding a pool. Decorative fences are used to delineate property lines or when the main goal is to enhance aesthetic appeal.

We at Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence offer solutions for each category listed above. We’ve discussed the matter of Security fencing previously. In this blog article, we focus on the advantages of selecting aluminum fencing for Residential Safety and Decorative purposes. Those advantages include:

Cost savings

When compared to a wrought iron fence, an aluminum fence is much less expensive.

Sturdy, yet lightweight

Aluminum fencing is stronger than competing vinyl options. Yet it is still relatively light, thereby minimizing installation time and cost.

Less Maintenance

Unlike wood or iron fencing, an aluminum fence requires little maintenance over time.

Color selection

Aluminum fencing is available in a diverse range of colors.

Ideal for uneven terrain

Aluminum fencing also comes in angled, known as “rackable,” sections that allow for better conformity on inclines. In other words, uneven gaps are avoided between the ground and the bottom of the fence.

Easier repairs

If replacement of a certain section is required for some reason, costs can be contained since aluminum pickets and other parts can easily be replaced individually.

Again, these are some of the advantages of aluminum fencing. As we’ve said, fences made of other materials offer competing advantages, and we touch on those throughout our blog and the rest of our website. We invite you use the search function at the top of this and every page on our site to facilitate your research.

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